We are bringing bespoke components and products to you. GAMUX now offers the possibility to create your dream components, 100% custom made. We have all the necessary tools to help you with your projects and cannot wait to use our Additive Manufacturing know-how to your benefit.


Our B2B services allow you to realize your ideas with the help of our experienced team of our engineers. Even if you only have a sketch on a piece of paper, we will bring your ideas to life.


Of course, we offer 100% confidentiality with your data or IP.


Show us your idea!


Scale your product!


The term “additive manufacturing” describes a manufacturing process characterized by the layered structure of the bodies it produces. AMT is also more commonly known as 3D Printing. It offers various production processes, materials, and tools suitable for different fields of application.


At GAMUX, we are convinced that AMT will change the future of the cycling industry. AMT’s flexibility and diversity is immense and allows GAMUX to select the right material and technology for every application.


AMT allows the creation of complex structures without having to deal with extra work. The only limiting factor is creativity.

GAMUX consequently applies the freedoms provided by AMT. We design our components with powerful algorithms that allow us to optimize a part in all dimensions. We don’t create a component according to production limitations anymore. AMT allows us to generate a model that is 100% focused on the application.


Designing fixed structures

Designing the max. dimensions

Implementation of max. loads

Filling the shell with optimized structure

Stress analysing to check AI-results

Repetition of previous steps until happy

Filling of critical holes and gaps

Implementation of design elements

Adapting product so it is visually pleasing



AMT offers a wide variety of materials; most of them are 100% recyclable. GAMUX pays great attention not to use any carbon-based materials, as it is challenging to recycle.



AMT allows us to fully use the power of topology-optimization, enabling GAMUX to produce components that consume less material. Since the whole AMT production process is highly controlled, we can also repeat the quality, resulting in greater consistency.



Cloud-networks and AMT enable a production that is located directly in every significant geographical market. Eventually, the “Point of Sales” becomes the “Point of Production.” Instead of products, we ship data, not requiring planes, ships, or cars to transport.



Printed products have a similar or better live cycle compared to conventionally produced products. AMT even improves the longevity of a product because of it’s bespoke nature.



In a world of limited recourses, it is crucial to be as efficient as possible, and recycling is a contributor. Most AMT materials can be fully recycled and reused for new products; there is no need for dumping them into the ocean!

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