The Sego

Opening new dimensions of speed
Faster than ever before


Designed with zero compromises:
– Automatic shifting gearbox
– Belt drive system,
– CNC machined from space-grade aluminum
– Bonded carbon tubes


The Sego builds on years of development in the harshest and most competitive environment in all of cycling:
The UCI Downhill World Cup


This pure racing machine has only one purpose – to open new dimensions of speed and inspire you to ride faster than ever before.


“Sego” in the ancient Celtic language means to win! Do you want to become a winner?
The Sego might just be the right tool for you to reach the next level of speed.

 S1 (29/Mullet)S2 (29/Mullet)
Reach:465 mm480 mm
Stack:620 mm620 mm
BB-Drop:15mm / 0 mm15mm / 0 mm
HA:63.1 degrees63.1 degrees
SA:78 degrees78 degrees
CSL:460/445 mm460/445 mm
FC:835 mm850 mm
WB:1295/1280 mm1310/1295 mm
A2C:605 mm605 mm
Range of use: Downhill
Shock:250 x 75 -> 200mm travel
Shock hardware:8mm x 30mm front and back
Fork travel:200mm
Front wheel:29 inch (110 x 20)
Rear wheel:27.5 or 29 inch (157 x 12)
Dropout:Gamux Snubber
Brake mount:IS-Standard
Tires:Max: 29 x 2.60
Bottom bracket:Pinion C-line or C-line-SmartShift
Frame weight:Low and central
Seat tube:30.9mm 
Frame material: Aluminium 7075/CFK
Colors:Black Anodized
Cable routing:External, Pinion SmartShift
ISCG mount:NO - Gamux Skidd-Plate
Beltsprokets:30t front / 28-26t rear
MSRP Frame:Without shock and without gearbox  - from 4999.- CHF
Available from:March 2024

*Production bike may differ from these pictures

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What is the maximum travel for my fork on my Nostra LT?

Maximum 200mm. 

How is the cable routing?


What about the warranty?

The Sego of the 1st Edition are pre-production models. The frames have been subjected to months of internal testing but not yet officially tested. The frames are 100% safe and have a 2 year warranty against damage when used as intended!

Which shocks can I mount?

Air shocks or coil shocks of the length 250mm x 75mm. 
Please contact us to verfy your shock compatability.

We can provide kinematic data on request.

Is the Nostra LT compatible with a 27.5 inch rear wheel?

Yes. You can choose eihter a 29” or a 27.5” swingarm.

Where can I get spare parts?

At Gamux

I am from outside Switzerland, can I also order a Nostra?

Europe: Yes of course , just order on the Gamux website or contact Gamux.
Other continents: Not yet.