The MARCA wants only one thing: Making you go faster down that racetrack. Its development has been heavily influenced by our team riders and the needs of UCI World Cup DH racing. We made thousands of data runs to check the correlation between time, feeling and the data. It is about creating a base platform that embodies what we think is the fastest configuration down the hill. It is our way to bring WC factory level equipment and customization to you!

Our OGO technology is also featured on the MARCA and lets you choose reach, stack, headtube angle, chainstay length and BB height. It is also able to be configured for a full 29er or a mullet setup. We are happy to help you with our World Cup experience, making the specification of your MARCA an enjoyable process. We can even provide you with full geometry suggestions based on the inputs you give us.

Key components of the MARCA such as linkages and dropouts are made with AMT. This enables us to provide multiple options for kinematics and geometry depending on the track and terrain. You could have multiple different dropouts, making the bike either more stable or better cornering. The same goes for the linkages, enabling slight geometry changes such as lowering the BB and slackening the headtube angle if the going gets rough and steep.

The MARCA in details:
– AL-7005 hand-welded frame
– AlSi10Mg 3D-Printed components made by TROVUSTech
– DH-Link suspension system by Federico Biora
– 195 – 205 mm rear travel
– 29/2929/27.5 inch options available
– OGO geometry
– Different powder coat and anodized colours are available
– Specifically tuned Öhlins TTX22M shock
– Made in Germany by Mi-Tech
– Engineered in Switzerland by GAMUX


For this first production run, we will only serve clients within Switzerland , the EU and Lichtenstein.

Prices and conditions are on request due to the amount of options and versions.