The Gamux Philosophy

Cycling is the  very centre of GAMUX’s identity. Everyone here eats, drinks and breaths cycling.
We provide more than just a simple product, we want to share and establish our passion it the the soul of our community.
Our technology and experience allows us to design products that are superior in refinement
Success is the sum of continuous gain and constant evolution.
We believe that every improvement, no matter how small, is important.
In pursuit of excellence, every little improvement is worth the work



GAMUX BIKES are unique specimens, tailor-made to each customers specification. Staying true to the GAMUX tailor-made approach, we only offer our bikes in one frame size: YOURS.

Besides perfect frame geometry, we will equip your bike with personalized, 3d-printed suspension linkages. This allows us to finetune the kinematics of every bike according to your preferences. But what does this exactly mean? Imagine that we can create a bike that is not only perfect in fit, but also perfectly tuned to your weight and riding style. The kinematics are specifically engineered to each rider and enable you to ride a spring rate that matches the shocks valving and shim configuration. Like this we can provide a more consistent and balanced suspension feeling.

As a consequence of our high-quality standards, the production process of our BIKES requires high attention to detail. Therefore, we will offer a limited number of bikes per year, all in order to ensure the highest possible level of quality.



GAMUX creates what you imagine and offers the possibility to get your ideas and wishes materialized. Because of the technologies in use, we possess all the tools necessary to make your idea become reality.

Our COMPONENTS provide the perfect opportunity to personalize and customize the appearance and functionality of your bike.

In comparison to our BIKES, our COMPONENTS are an affordable way to get the personalization of your bike started.Despite the affordable nature of our COMPONENTS, they stay true to our philosophies and are made from the best materials and with the best technologies available. 

Additive manufacturing technology (AMT) allows us to apply your ideas to a component easily.
The process is simple: Just let us know the specification of your personalization and we take care of the implementation, production and delivery of your customized component.



KOLB Andreas Gamux Racing Gamux, Bikepark Leogang, Leatt, Maxxis, Gopro, HT, Seestüberl Aich, Unite Design, DHC Bellwald, 06.10.2019,in Bellwald,CHE
Foto: Sebastian Sternemann
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GAMUX FACTORY RACING is the in-house racing division of GAMUX. Known for its professionality and outstanding technical abilities, GAMUX FACTORY RACING plays a significant role in the product development of the entire GAMUX product line-up.

To us, it is an absolute necessity to have all our products tested and developed in a very demanding surrounding. If our products can withstand the abuse a world cup racer puts them through, we can safely assume that the products work at the highest level.

A race team is always in pursuit of time on the track. No matter how good a part is, there is always something to be improved. This keeps us on our toes and forces us to search for new ways of improving and evolving our product line.

By racing with our own products, we want to proof the superiority of our technologies and establish GAMUX at the highest level of professional racing. We are beyond happy to have the best people for the job in our team and push the boundaries together.


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GAMUX implements a new take on how we experience the world with mountainbikes.
We prove that personalization and tailor made products are key to elevate the experience to new levels.
With the use of new technologies, we will bring tailor made products to a new segment of customers.
Starting today with high performance products for racing and individuals, we can gather the experience we need to expend our concept. Bringing it to the masses is our long term goal, we want to embody true mass customization!

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b2B Services

Propper industrial additive manufacturing can be quite intimidating and complicated at first. The investments in equipment, software and know-how are significant if you want to do it properly. That’s where we can help you out. Since we have built our network of experts for over two years now, we can support you with your AMT-Projects. From simple consulting on an idea, all the way to the production of your parts, we can support you with our B2B services.