For GAMUX, AMT is the strategic technology that will disrupt the industry long-term! We think that the 3D-printing ecosystem can revolutionize the design and manufacturing of mountain bikes. Therefore, we are super happy to have partnered with AMT experts TROVUSTech. Together with their knowledge, we can push the power of AMT to the max.  

Thanks to AMT, we can provide fully custom kinematics to our customers. VKP is our way to tune and modify the character of the kinematics to best suit you. Further we can configure the custom tuned Öhlins shock to exactly match the kinematics of your bike and your riding style.  

OGO is our approach to custom geometry. We provide our customers with the geometry that fits to their biometrics and riding style. GAMUX will only provide you with one size of bike: The one that fits you the best. Thanks to the longstanding experience of our frame manufacturing partner MITECH, we can provide high quality, handmade frames in produced in Europe.  

MDO is our approach to spec the best possible drivetrain options without interfering the kinematics or the overall aesthetics of the frame. Our bikes are designed to accommodate multiple drivetrain options while maintaining all the other characteristics. It is up to you to choose between a conventional 1×12 drivetrain or a Pinion gearbox.  

So how do the two platforms compare? To put it into simple words, the MARCA is focused on providing the fastest bike possible for rough and fast downhill tracks while the RUNI is focused on providing a bike that is centred around your personality, providing you the best solution to your needs and demands.  


For this first production run, we will only serve clients within Switzerland , the EU and Lichtenstein.

Prices and conditions are on request due to the amount of options and versions.